Vibration Analysis of a Jib Crane using Frame Structures Approach

Umar Sanusi Umar, Mahmud Muhammad Jamil, Muhammad Tukur Hamisu, Aisha Sa'ad


The vibration analysis of a jib crane was investigated using the method of vibration analysis of frame structures. This approach is theoretically based in order to derive the governing equations of vibration for the system. The jib crane was treated as a frame structure with the mast and jib taken as independent frame structures. The resulting frame structures were then treated as beams that conform to Euler-Bernoulli beams in order to analyse their vibration properties. Amplitude of vibration, the first three natural frequencies as well as the first three mode shapes were calculate using this approach as well as the response of the system.  The theoretical approach was derived to accommodate all standard sets of natural frequencies and mode shapes of the jib crane from the established boundary conditions. This was developed by an assumed mode method and incorporated a single mode expansion for the developed system. The effect of the load carried by the jib crane was taking into consideration which constitutes a harmonic force on the jib with addition of moment of this force to the mast. The resulting theoretical general equations from the single mode approach were then used to evaluate the vibration parameters of the jib crane using numerical values.


Frame structures; Jib; Jib crane; Mast; Vibration.

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