A Flexible Rope Crane Experiment System

Ruochu Yang, Can Jiang, Yucheng Miao, Jin Ma, Xiaoyang Zhang, Tong Yang, Ning Sun


In many cases, overhead cranes will exhibit flexible rope dynamics and precise control of such cranes is difficult to obtain, due to unexpected curving of the flexible rope. To study the dynamics of flexible rope cranes and to test the effectiveness of various controllers, a flexible rope crane experiment system is established according to the working principles of practical cranes. The experiment system is composed of a mechanical body, driving devices, measuring devices, and a control system. Additionally, in order to quantitatively evaluate the control performance, this paper proposes a method combining vision inspection and machine learning to obtain the rope curve model and measure the pendulum angle at the end of the rope. The control system is established on the MATLAB/Simulink platform and various automatic control strategies can be easily applied to it.


Automatic control; Experiment system; Flexible rope crane; Machine learning; Vision inspection.

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