Study of Fluidic Ejection and Nanodroplet Formation

Van Quang Nguyen, Chung Nguyen Xuan, Dung Hoang Tien, Tung Nguyen Nhu, Hung Pham Tien, Tung Nguyen Tien, Tam Nguyen Chi


Study of fluidic molecule ejection through nozzle diameters of 27.5, 30 and 40 Angstrom (Å) at temperatures of 310, 315 and 333 Kelvin (K) is performed by using the molecular dynamics simulation method. The results show that almost all molecules were ejected out through the nozzle and formed up the fluidic jets on the nozzle’s surfaces for all above cases. However, a fluidic jet was not separated out from the nozzle’s surface for the case of the 310 K temperature and 27.5 Å diameter under any the pushing force values and ejection time. Otherwise, the jets separate out from the nozzle’s surface to produce the fluidic nanodroplets when increasing either the nozzle diameter to 30 Å or the temperature magnitude to 315 K. These demonstrate the nozzle size and temperature magnitude decide to the fluidic ejection and nanodroplet formation.


Fluidic ejection, Molecular dynamics simulation; Nanodroplet formation; Nanodroplet separation

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