Exploring Colors Combinations Impact on the Vision Comfortable and 3D Model Lucidity

Sarah Qahtan M. Salih, Abdul Sattar A. Khamas


The human vision and model clarity is predominantly affected by color and light. In order to verify whether there is any impact of mingling colors on the vision comfortable and model lucidity, we conducted experiments based on color temperature (warm and cool colors) and Munsell color system (hue, tone, tint, and shade). The experiments include nine groups of colors combination, two chosen colors in each group. Moreover, a new illumination design is introduced to support our proposed method. Since the study depends on human’s estimation, we survey to gauge the outcome. One-way ANOVA and the Post-Hoc tests are used to analyze the data of vision comfortable. Mean and Standard Deviation tests are used to measure the model lucidity improvements. Data from the experiments shows a significant difference by comparing mixed colors based on their temperature.  According to the respondents, cool tone & cool shade mixture gives the highest lucidness to the model.


Color wheel; Cool color; Hue; Shade; Tint; Tone; Warm color.

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