Pole Placement Control of a 2D Gantry Crane System with Varying Pole Locations

Nafisat Muhammad Bashir, Amir Abdullahi Bature, Auwalu Muhammad Abdullah


A gantry crane is widely used in industries for transportation of heavy loads, but control of this system for a fast operation is challenging. This paper presents the application of pole placement controller for controlling a 2D gantry crane system to achieve minimum sway angle and accurate positioning of payload by varying poles location. A linearized model of the system is obtained, and a pole placement controller is designed with three poles located at different locations on the left-hand side of the s-plane. Simulation via MATLAB and Simulink was performed to investigate the performance of the pole placement controller. Simulation results have shown that when both the dominant and other poles are chosen to be complex poles, then a better performance of the system will be achieved.


Gantry crane system; Pole placement controller; Simulation.

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